An accomplished designer and researcher, my work has brought new value opportunities to customers for some of Australia’s largest brands. I’ve worked on all aspects of the product lifecycle, from concept to market, across consumer technology, education, health and financial services industries.

My work focuses on both the hands-on delivery of customer solutions, as well as equipping large organisations to better integrate design practices into how they solve customer and business problems. I have extensive experience in field research, insights delivery, product/service development, concept prototyping and customer experience design.

Over the years I’ve worked with some great people on some fun projects. Highlights include following international high school students on their journey to Australian universities, testing an entire bank branch prototype in a warehouse, designing an holistic design language for health services, working on artificial intelligence services for legal practitioners and several days in share houses watching how people use their mobile phones.

I’m always interested in how design teams work and operate, adopting new techniques and exploring new ways to apply the design practice in uncommon circumstances.